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Licensed in MA and CA

I received my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Boston University, where I created the Warm Up Caddy- a warm up program and educational seminar for golfers on the benefits of exercise for injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance. 

Through working with the LA Kings, in clinics at Boston University and Stanford, as well as outpatient physical therapy clinics, I’ve had the opportunity to treat golfers for injuries, both golf and non-golf related, to get them back on the course, lower further risk of injury and optimize performance.

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Introducing the Warm-up Caddy:
Revolutionizing Golf Performance and Injury Prevention

From the early age of 5, I developed an unwavering passion for golf, courtesy of my dad and his golf club. However, I couldn't help but notice a recurring pattern: golfers frequently dropping out of events due to preventable injuries. The absence of proper warm-up routines and physical preparation left them vulnerable to strain and setbacks.

Motivated by this observation, I embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between golf and physical therapy. With WarmUpCaddy, I bring the cutting-edge principles of physical therapy onto the course, empowering golfers to optimize their performance and safeguard their bodies.

I design tailored warm-up exercises and conditioning routines specific to golf and the golfers demands. The holistic approach ensures that every golfer achieves their maximum potential while minimizing the risk of injuries.

Join the community and discover the transformative power of integrating physical therapy principles into your golfing journey. Together, we'll unleash your true potential on the course, revolutionizing the way you play and empowering you to reach new heights.

Our Team.

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